Our Waxing Kit contains all wax, products and equipment (including 2 wax pots) to enable you to complete your course, and then provide professional waxing services.

See the Full list here:
2 x Wax Pot 1 Litre
5 x 100 wax strip
4 x 100 Pack Large Tongue Depressor Wooden Spatulas
4 x 100 Pack Small Wooden Spatulas
1 x Daintree Blackbean After Wax Body Lotion 250ml
1x Alpine Bluebell Pre Wax Cleanser- 250ml
1 x 1 Kilo Victorian Heath Beads-Hot wax adam eve
1 x 1.1 Kilo Victorian Heath Strip Wax
1 x Eyebrow Tweezers
1x Citrus Wax Solvent 500 ml