Full Online Beauty Course (Contains all Six Core Beauty Subjects)


Price: $1850.00

Are you looking for a kick-start into the beauty industry? Don’t have the time to drive to multiple classes a week, or can’t afford a traditional beauty college? Do you want to start making money in a matter of weeks? If the answer to those questions was ‘yes’, the Beauty Courses Online concept is perfect for you!

Our full course provides the opportunity to learn six core subjects in your own time, for a reasonable price. The beauty of the full course is that once you’ve completed one topic, you can start earning money almost immediately whilst you work on mastering the other subjects.

Whether you want to start earning by setting up your own business, or you want to master each area to work in a salon – our course will put you on the right track and give you everything you need to succeed.

The course materials are delivered online through manuals, e-books and video stream. You’ll get full support 7 days a week, and you can complete the course as quickly or as slowly as you need to because there is no time limit.

What is included?

  • Our 6 core courses
  • 7 day a week support
  • Full access to learning resources for each course
  • E-books, manuals, and detailed step-by-step video lessons
  • Everything you need to become a qualified, successful and confident beautician

Unsure? We also offer a no questions asked, 30-day money-back guarantee so there is no risk involved if you decide beauty isn’t for you.

Get started on your new career today, we’ll see you inside the course platform.

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Full Course Subjects

You Will Learn…

Nail Technology

In this course you will learn not ONE, not TWO, but THREE of the best methods of producing fantastic looking nails. These nail systems have been proven to be the most popular and easiest to learn.

You can choose to learn ONE, TWO or all THREE nail systems… It is up to you…

This course will teach you the complete ACRYLIC Nail System… the GEL Nail System…and the GLAZED Nail system.

This course is extensive, too vast to explain here…

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Face & Body Waxing…

I will show you every aspect of Face and Body Waxing from the eyebrows down to the toes…

With the Step by Step Video Instruction, the Waxing Manual and assistance from me you will have nothing further to learn in the area of Waxing.

I have even included a full module on Brazilian Waxing.

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This facial course will give you the skills to truly pamper your clients while earning an excellent income.

Facials are what Cosmetology is all about and developing these skills will elevate you to the ranks of the more highly skilled in the Beauty Industry.

Your capacity to earn and your employability will also increase while you also feel great in the knowledge that you really can make a difference…

This course will teach you basic facial routines right up to how to do the most advanced professional Facial.

Click on the button below for the course explanation video and written syllabus.

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Manicure & Pedicure

You could be earning money performing manicures and pedicures within five days!

You will learn not only the maintenance of the nails but a complete cosmetic treatment technique for the hands and feet.

You will receive comprehensive practical and theoretical instruction on Manicure and Pedicures including cosmetic procedures such as masks, peels, paraffin wax treatments, and more.

Manicure pedicures are easy to master, an excellent addition to your services list and a great standalone service.

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Relaxation Massage

Massage is a great standalone service, in fact a lot of people make it their only business.

Relaxation Massage is the most popular request in my salon. It’s also the easiest massage style to learn and a very good introduction to more advanced massage styles.

In this course, I work slowly through every aspect of head to toe relaxation massage, being sure not to leave anything important out.

You’ll learn to massage like a professional … and your clients, family and friends will love your new skill.

A detailed description of the course can be found on the courses page.

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Lash & Brow Tinting & Perming

In this course you will learn lash tinting, lash perming, brow tinting, and brow bleaching.

These services are quick and easy to perform and literally cost you cents per service which equates to a huge profit margin relative to other services.

This service is not always offered by salons however it is very popular especially with sports people.

Your ability to offer this service will give you a profit advantage over the salons near you that don’t offer it and it will give customers another reason to come to you.

This course is comprised of four modules of which you can see in greater detail below.

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*** This does not include the Elective Course Subjects like Eyelash Extensions.

Price: $1850.00

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Full Beauty Course (Contains all Six Subjects)

Imagine Working Your Own Hours, Part Time or Full Time…and Enjoying it… Earn Some Spare Cash or Make Beauty Your Career… It’s Your Choice.

Natural Acrylic Nails Icon

Nail Technology Course

Acrylic, Gel and Quickdip nail systems make up this extensive nail course.

Waxing Course Icon

Face & Body Waxing Course

After taking this course you won’t have to learn anything else about waxing.

Facial Course Icon

Facial Course

Keep your clients coming back again & again with this relaxing service.

Manicure and Pedicure Course Icon

Manicure & Pedicure Course

Manicures and Pedicures Are a Great Way to Start in The Beauty Industry.

Relaxation Massage Course Icon

Relaxation Massage Course

Build a Lucrative Business with Massage and provide a service your clients will love.

Lash Tinting and Perming Course Icon

Lash Tinting & Perming Course

An Excellent Add-on Service With High Profit Potential building client loyalty.