The Full Nail Technology Kit has all of the products and equipment you will need to do all of the procedures in our Nail Technology course including Acrylic, Gel and the Quick Dip system.
This Kit, combined with our Nail Technology Course, will have you performing nail services to a professional standard within weeks.
The Full Kit Contents Includes:
1 x UV Lamp
3 x Dappen Dish
1 x Cuticle Clipper
1 x Tip Cutter
1 x Gel Brush
1 x Professional Sable Acrylic Brush Round
1 x Chamois Buffer with Handle
6 x Block Buffer
6 x 100/100 Grit File Cushioned
1 x 500 Count Tip Tray- Natural
1 x 500 Count Tip Tray -French
1 x Gel Wipe- 100ml
1 x Cuticle Oil With Squeeze Top -25ml
1 x Anti-Bacterial Spray 125ml
1 x illume Bondfast 15ml Acidless
1 x Acrylic Liquid- 125ml
1 x Nail/Tip Glue 10ml
1 x Acrylic Powder White- 40gm
1 x Acrylic Powder Clear- 40gm
1 x Professional Building Gel- Clear 15ml
1 x Professional Building Gel- White 15ml
1x Pro base 15ml
1x Activator 15ml
1x Pro Top 15ml
1x Brush Sever 15ml
1x Dip Powder Tray Dipping Holder