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Launch your own exciting lash business in as little as 4 weeks. Our Online Eyelash Extension courses give you the skills to provide your clients the complete range of lash extensions – from classic natural lashes, right through to russian volume eyelash extensions.

We cover everything you need to know from the fundamentals like safety, hygiene, and all required theory to enable you to work safely.

Then onto the practical eyelash extension skills!. Most of the work you do in our course is practical to ensure you have the skills to deliver high class eyelash extension services to your clients.

You start with the basic building blocks of the services and then move on to completing full sets of lashes on models. You will continue to do sets of lashes with the guidance of our professional lash trainers helping you to hone your skills until you are ready!

Our Professional Eyelash Extensions Product Kit comes with all the products and equipment you need to do the course and to continue providing services to clients once the course is complete.

We can even show you how to set up your business and get new clients!

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Eyelash Extension Certificate Course Breakdown

Below are the modules for both the Classic Eyelash Extensions Course and the Advanced Volume Eyelash Extensions Course. These provide all of the skills you need to provide professional lash extensions services, plus we can provide all of the products and equipment you need to get going. Pricing and packages will be sent to you instantly with the brochure above.

Advanced Volume Lash Extensions

This is an overview of what the course is about, how to work through the course, where to find the app to submit assessments, how to use the app, where to find the course paperwork and a full explanation of the course practical assessments.

This module also covers anatomy of the eye, lash growth & hair structure, cross infection, OHS and more.

You will learn about face and eye shapes so you can customise the services for each individual client. We cover multiple designs for each eye shape and type as well as information on choosing the appropriate length and thickness of extensions for your clients natural lashes.

This module will cover all of the products and equipment you will need to provide eyelash extensions services as well as suggestions on how to set up your work area. We also give you important information on lash adhesives and retention.
We will give you step by step guidance on every stage of the eyelash extension service, starting with full verbal and written client consultation to establish what would be best for your client, cleansing, priming, pad application and design mapping, up close isolation and application, removal of pads and final brush to have your clients walking out the door with beautiful eyelash extensions.

We give you the step-by-step procedure for applying lash extensions, from greeting your client to booking them for maintenance. You’ll also be given some helpful reminders to successfully complete the application.


As with the full set application we will teach you everything from start to finish to maintain your clients extensions. Consulting to see if they are happy with the present design, length and thickness, cleanse and prime, remove loose and twisted extensions, refilling the gaps and proper removal of pads and brushing.
There are multiple ways of removing extensions and we teach them all. From tweezer removal for maintenance or when there are only a few extensions left or solution removal when there are too many extensions left to remove with tweezers. Both techniques will eave your clients lashes in top condition.

Advanced Volume Lash Extensions

While you will use some of the products from your classic kit, you will need to add lighter extensions to create your hand made fans, as well as more precise tweezers to hold and apply the fans.
This module will cover what dimension of fans are suitable for your clients natural lashes as well as how to mix lengths, curl and colour to give your clients a bespoke set of extensions.

This module focuses on practical exercises for making fans. You’ll be taught the step-by-step process that gives you a very even and beautiful result. You’ll have four exercises that we will evaluate and provide feedback on.

As with classic application, we will give you step by step guidance on every stage of the eyelash extension service, starting with full verbal and written client consultation to establish what would be best for your client, cleansing, priming, pad application and design mapping, up close isolation and application, removal of pads and final brush to have your clients walking out the door with beautiful eyelash extensions.
Similar to classic application we will teach you how to consult on design, cleanse prime and remove any loose, grown out or twisted fans, and refill the gaps to maintain the perfect look.

Lash Technician Career Opportunities:

You may already know what you’re going to do once you have gained your new Eyelash Extension Skills or you may be considering your options. Either way, here are a few ideas to get thinking about your new future.

All you need are the skills we provide in this course to do any of the following and more!

Work from Home

More and more people like you are now looking for the flexibility and freedom of working from home. Setting up and running your own home lash business can be the perfect way to earn a great income while working your own hours.

Go Mobile

Lash Extensions are a great service that you can take mobile. The products and equipment can be packed up into a case and taken with you easily – even the lash bed can be portable. Going mobile provides freedom and saves on overheads.

Start a Lash Salon

If you’re up for an adventure, then starting your own stand alone Lash Salon may be for you. There are more upfront costs and commitments, but the rewards can be enormous for you and your family. Your first step is gaining the right skills!

Rent a Room

A popular option that gives you the presence of a salon, without the setup cost. Many beauty salons have spare space and will rent out that space to help diversify their existing services. You can leverage their clients and be up and running in no time!

The Best Lash Course Product Kits In The Industry

Eyelashes extensions kit

Get everything you need to learn all 3 nail systems and enough product to continue operating your business once you have completed your course.

Classic Eyelash Extensions Kit

  • 1x Makeup Cosmetic Case (Colour will be either black or pink depending on the supply we can get at the time)
  • 1x Practice pads (2pcs)
  • 1x Mannequin Training Head Make-Up Cosmetology Practice Eyelash Extensions
  • 1x 5 pair pack Training lashes (1Pack)
  • 1x Glue ring (10pcs)
  • 1x Pink Jade glue stone (1pcs)
  • 2x Medical tape (1pcs)
  • 2x Hydrogel Eye Pads (20pcs)
  • 1x Eyelash Dry Air Blower
  • 1x Disposable Mascara Brush (50pcs)
  • 1x Disposable Lip Brush Lip Wands Gloss Lipstick (50Pcs)
  • 1x Tweezers Eyelash Extensions (Straight)
  • 1x Tweezers Eyelash Extensions (Angled)
  • 1x Tweezers Eyelash Extensions (Curved)
  • 1x Premium Mink B Curl 0.12 Mix 8-15mm
  • 1x Premium Mink B Curl 0.15 Mix 8-15mm
  • 1x Premium Mink B Curl 0.18 Mix (8-15mm
  • 1x Premium Mink C curl 0.12 Mix 8-15mm
  • 1x Premium Mink C curl 0.15 Mix 8-15mm
  • 1x Premium Mink C Curl 0.18 Mix 8-15mm
  • 1x Pro Bond Glue 5ml ( for eyelashes)1pcs
  • 2x Cleanser 15ml (Eyelashes)
  • 2x Primer 15ml (Eyelashes)
  • 1x Gel Glue Remover 15ml (for eyelash extensions)

Advanced Volume Eyelash Extensions Kit

  • 2x Practice pads (2pcs)
  • 2xPremium Mink D Curl 0.07 Mix 8-15mm
  • 2x Premium Easy Fan C Curl 0.07 Mix
  • 1x Pro Bond Glue 5ml ( for eyelashes)1pcs
  • 1x Eyelash Dry Air Blower
  • 1x Professional Tweezer For Volume Straight (Gold )
  • 1x Professional Tweezer For Volume Angled (Gold)
  • 1x Professional Tweezer For Volume Curved Pointed (Gold)
  • 1x 5 pair pack Training lashes

Frequently Asked Questions:

Our online course is uniquely designed to give you the convenience of online learning but the feel of a one-on-one training experience. We have very indepth video content to guide you step by step through every stage of the process, as well as an industry first mobile app to submit your work which we will respond to with live video feedback to support you throughout your journey.

To learn more about how we deliver our training, leave your details in the form above, so we can send you a 5-minute video explaining everything and a brochure.

Yes, we do. We have various payment plans and options customised to suit every student. Download our brochure through the link above to see the breakdown of our payment plans. We also send an email that contains pricing options and packages that may suit you as well.

In around 4 weeks, you can finish our Lash Extensions course if you’ll have plenty of time to study. But there is no limit to studying our course because you can learn at your own pace. On average, our students complete this program at around 8-12 weeks.

The price depends on your chosen payment plan or pricing option. To get the full pricing details, download our brochure above.

This will depend on the option you choose. You can choose just the course and source your own products with our guidance, or you can take up one of our packages that includes the course and our very extensive kit which will get you right through the course with plenty of product left over for you to start working on your future clients.
When you successfully complete our course you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion which is all you need in most countries to work in a salon or run your own business.

Check out our qualifications page to learn the requirements for the course.

No, you don’t. Prior experience in lashes or beauty is not a requirement to do our course. We cover everything you need to know from the very basics to the most advanced techniques of eyelash extension application and removal.
Our course is designed to be mostly hands-on training. Practical applications can begin with exercises on practice pads, then moving on to a mannequin head before you work on any live models. We send you live video feedback for all submissions to help you improve and keep you on track.

Our high assessment requirements mean you develop your skills and become salon-ready when you graduate. We have very supportive instructors who guide you throughout your training, constantly providing feedback to help you master professional skills.

We provide you with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you think our course is not for you or change your mind, let us know, so we can send a full refund.
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Here’s what some of our students have to say about our courses:

Angela Veljanovski

Want to congratulate Karen and all at beautycourseonline on this awesome course. Very well organized and so easy to follow. I would highly recommend to anyone starting in the beauty industry.

As I have my own salon, wanted to give my clients every service possible and making it a one stop shop. Have bookings well into the new year.
Thanks to Karen and this course I can now follow my dream!

Sue Cohen

I ordered my Lash Lift course 12 months ago but due to life circumstances, I only started it 4 weeks ago. Once I started, I wished I had commenced it long before as it was such a simple and well structured process. The course outline was very easy to follow and I loved the feedback and critique from Karen and the team on the work I produced. It was a brilliant learning experience so thank you to everyone at Beauty Courses Online. I now have new treatments to add onto my Services Menu.

Pam Kuhn

Beauty Courses Online were amazing to deal with from start to finish…. And even now, 6 months after completion.
I have completed the Nail Technician course.
Information was current and the videos were so good.
Video feedback on my work was amazing. Showed you exactly what you did well, and suggestions of what and where to improve.
Happy to do more courses with them 🙂

Vee Louise

I have completed both the Full Body Waxing & Relaxation Massage course. Both courses were amazing – so thorough and informative. The training manuals were very easy to navigate and the videos were that little extra bonus. I found all the staff to be so lovely and helpful. To know Karen is a trainer who actually responds promptly was incredible in itself. Thank you so much to all the staff at Beauty Courses Online! I will definitely be back for more! I am now in the process of building my own shop & opening a Massage & Beauty business in town. I have received so much positive feedback!