Advanced Volume Eyelash Extensions Course

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Take Your Lash Services to the Next Level With Our Volume Lash Course!

Pre-Requisites: Our Advanced Volume Eyelash Extensions Course is specifically tailored to students who have completed our Skill Building Course, or similar qualifications in Classic Lash Extensions. If you don’t have the technique or experience to ensure your lash isolation and placement is perfect, this course won’t assist your development effectively. Please see our Skill Building Course page if you are beginning your training.

Volume Lash Extensions are used to enhance the natural lash line by placing hand-made lash fans in amongst the natural lashes. Our Advanced Course, or the Russian Volume Lash Course, will teach you the essential skills you need for volume lashing, including the different fanning methods of multiple dimensions and curls, and the necessary hygiene and safety to deliver the best service possible.

For the clients who prefer the natural, ‘less manicured’ lash line, our course also incorporates a mini ‘Hybrid Lash Extensions Course’, which teaches you how to combine the volume and classic lash extensions. These are the very same lashes that were made popular by Kim K!

Not only that, but we work through feathering, gap bridging, capping and stacking for those of you who want to immerse your creativity in your work.

Basically, the sky’s the limit. Once you have gained a thorough understanding of classic and volume lashes, you can easily combine your skills to create lash extensions that will set you apart from the competition.

Our Volume Lash Course touches on the fundamentals from your Skill Building Classic Course, so you can learn while also refreshing the skills in earlier modules. This way, you won’t be grasping at straws when trying to put all your knowledge together! As part of our course curriculum, you will receive the Skill Building Manual as well as our Advanced Manual. So, you have everything you need to complete your certificate.

Throughout our modules, you will learn the difference between hand-made, easy fans and premade volume fans, and the correct methods of application and use. Lastly, but certainly not least, we will take you through the creation of bespoke lashes for your clients, through mixing lengths and curls.

Upon Your Enrolment in Our Online Volume Lash Course, You Will Find:

Online assistance for all your questions, 7 Days a Week – So you have everything you need to reach your goals

Low cost, high return skills-based course, with payment plans from less than $20 per week

30 Day Money Back Guarantee – so you’re never in too deep.

We want you to succeed. In fact, it is our main goal – to build your skills so you can enjoy a successful and exciting career in lash services. Our whole team is on your side, cheering you on, especially when the work gets tough. Contact Us now to find out more!!