Advanced Volume Eyelash Extensions Course

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If you are ready to take your lash services to the next level this is the course you need.

Please note: this course is only for those who have completed a course in classic eyelash extensions and have had enough experience that the isolation and placement is perfect. If you have not already done a basic course for classic extensions, please do our Skill Building course, or another equivalent course first or you will struggle with the advanced course.

Our advanced course will teach you the fundamentals of volume lashing using different fanning methods to create the most beautiful sets of extensions using volume fans of multiple dimensions and curls. We will teach you how to hand make your fans to get the best possible result and safest technique for volume lashes.
for those clients who want a more natural, “less manicured” look with their extensions we will teach you how to do the increasingly popular Hybrid extensions made famous by Kim K.

We also touch on feathering, gap bridging, capping and stacking for those who want to be a little more creative.

They sky is the limit once you have learnt how to do classic and volume lashes and you can combine all of your knowledge to create the most glorious sets of extensions that will set you apart from your competition.

Although you will have covered the basics of lash extensions in your skill building classic course, we do touch on some of those modules again, so for those who did not complete our skill building course we also give you out Skill Building Manual as well as our Advanced Manual to make sure you have all the information you need to move on with these skills hygienically and safely.

This course will teach you the difference between hand made, easy fan and pre made volume fans , which ones are safe to use and how to correctly apply them.
We will cover mixing lengths and curls to create bespoke lashes for each individual client.

Find Out About Our Easy Payment Plans From $19.95 / Week
Buy Now – $495