Which Beauty Brand Is Most Popular In Your Country?

We all have our favourite go-to beauty brands, but have you ever wondered which brand is the most popular in your country?

We learnt a lot by extracting the levels of search volume for different beauty brands on a by-country basis and focused on the most popular beauty brands to produce a series of graphics that expose the truths behind your country’s favourite brands.

Here’s what we found.

Top Global Beauty Brands

Let’s start by looking at the top global beauty brands. In terms of search volume, Sephora smashes the ball out of the park. They have a global search volume of 10.2M, making it the most searched for beauty brand in the world.

US search volume tops the charts at 3.4M, followed by France with a search volume of 1.8M.


The other brands in the top 5 global searches include Avon, Chanel, Dior and Clinique.

Top 5 brands

Top Brands By Continent


In Europe, searchers showed their love for Avon and Sephora over other brands. Only Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and Bulgaria bucked this trend, preferring brands like Chanel and Dior. The swathes of orange and blue on the continent map show their obvious preference for Sephora and Avon.

Map of European Brands

Digging further into the data that we found, we see that only a small list of European countries held brands other than Avon and Sephora at number 1. Ireland and Norway have an obvious preference for Chanel, whilst Belgium and the Netherlands voted for Yves Saint Laurent with their searches.

Europe table




In Australasia, Sephora was the firm favourite of both Australia and New Zealand
Australasia map
Australian’s racked up a search volume of 201,000 on average for Sephora, whilst New Zealand searched for the best-selling brand around 18,100 times.

Australasia table

The two neighbouring countries top 5 beauty brands are also the same in terms of search popularity.

Australasia top 5



Africa is a huge continent with dozens of countries (54 to be precise), and each one of them has a different favourite beauty brand. The search volumes from African countries revealed them to be a continent of Dior and Avon lovers.

Africa map

Other favoured brands include Chanel and Clinique. Compared to other continents, Sephora is much less popular here, only being the sole favourite of Madagascar and Tunisia.

Africa brand popularity



20 of 34 Asian countries examined preferred Chanel over other beauty brands. This is a huge proportion of Asian countries.

asia continent

Other beloved brands include Avon, Dior and Chanel.

Asia Brand Chart


South America

Most South American countries have a preference for Avon, including Brazil who searched for Avon an impressive 1 million times on average.

South American map


Even though most countries sway towards Avon as their most popular beauty brand, Sephora and Chanel rank first in a small number of countries.

South America chart


North America

Sephora springs back into popularity in North American countries – showing a massive contrast between North and South America.

North America Map

Mexico, Honduras and Haiti bucked the Sephora trend, with their highest search volumes being for Avon, Chanel and Dior.

North America Table

Search Trends in Beauty

So we’ve looked in-depth at the favourite, most loved beauty brands for each country. But whilst doing our research, we found some interesting search trends on Google Trends.


There have been more searches for ‘cruelty free makeup brands’ than ever before.

cruelty free makeup


Searches for ‘vegan makeup’ have seen a drop over the past couple of years

Vegan makeup


2020 saw a spike in searches for ‘black owned beauty brands’




Search volume data used in this piece was gathered using SEMRush.
Data is believed to be accurate at the time of creation.