How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home: 7 Ways


Eyelash extensions are a perfect, zero-effort addition to any beauty regime, removing the need for mascara or falsies for a breezy morning routine. However, when those beautiful extensions start falling out a few weeks later, that dream can become a bit of a nightmare. So whether you just don’t have time to see an eyelash technician at the moment, or you want to give your lashes a bit of a break, there are a few things you can do to aid the removal process.

Here’s how to remove eyelash extensions at home without damaging the delicate natural lashes beneath.

Is It Safe To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home?

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For the safety of your eyes and lashes, removing eyelash extensions instantly should be left to a professional when possible. They have the right tools and expertise to do the job safely, and a D.I.Y. removal could result in harmful bacteria contaminating your eyes.

Fortunately, you can learn the safest ways to professionally remove eyelashes at home with an extensive eyelash extension course. However, if you aren’t equipped to carry out a professional removal at home, there are things you can do that will help speed up the removal process.

Unfortunately, patience is key with at-home extension removals since they can take a few days or even longer to remove all the lashes.

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home

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Since you’re working around the delicate area of your eyes, you have to be very careful when considering how to remove eyelash extensions at home. There are certain beauty hacks that you should never try on the sensitive skin of your face and eyes, and separating the bad approaches from the good can be a little tricky. So, here are seven tried and tested tips on how to remove eyelash extensions at home in the safest ways.  

1. Don’t Pick At Your Lashes

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No matter how desperate you are to remove your eyelash extensions, never pick at your lashes, fake or real. Taking a tweezer to a random lash or two may not seem like a big deal, but you could severely damage your natural lashes. And damaging your natural lashes, particularly during the early stages of growth, can lead to lash loss and potentially irreversible damage.

Furthermore, pulling or picking at your lashes may cause you to mess up your lash cycle. If you damage the hair follicles of your lashes through your fidgeting, there’s a chance that the eyelashes may not grow back at all.

So, no matter how big the urge is, resist plucking at your eyelash extensions!

2. Use An Oil-Based Makeup Remover

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Oil is the biggest weapon in fighting eyelash extensions. The chemicals found in many oils help break down lash adhesive, and oil-based makeup removers have more ingredients that can help this process. Usually, technicians will advise you not to use oil-based products with eyelash extensions for this reason.

To remove your extensions with an oil-based remove, simply soak a cotton pad with the solution and hold it over your eye for a couple of minutes. Then, when the remover has had time to soak your lashes, gently wipe the area. Repeat this process until your extensions have fallen off.

3. Make A Natural Eyelash Glue Remover

woman using makeup remover on her eyes showing how to remove eyelash extensions at home

Of course, a professional eyelash glue remover used by a lash technician is the most effective way of removing lash extensions. But, in a pinch, you can create an extension removal solution. And it’s super simple!

First, fill a bowl with hot water and add a bit of soap, liquid makeup remover or oil (olive oil or coconut oil are perfect for loosening lash adhesive). Then, use a cotton wool pad or ball to apply the mix to your eyelashes gently. Repeat this motion until your lashes fall naturally away.

Remember, though – do not pick at your eyelashes! Although it may take numerous reapplications, this D.I.Y. solution will eventually loosen the lash adhesive enough for them to fall off on their own.

This eyelash glue remover mix is also great to remove lash glue from false eyelashes that you’ve already taken off. Simply submerge the false lashes in the solution for a minute or so, then rub them off gently to remove the adhesive and any traces of makeup.

4. Apply A Nightly Treatment of Castor Oil

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Castor oil is a Godsend for any beauty routine. Not only is it a natural moisturiser, but castor oil can help prevent wrinkles, fight acne, ease sunburn, and soothe dry lips, too[i]. Fortunately, in this case, it is also perfect for helping ease off eyelash extensions.

Just a small amount of castor oil applied nightly to your eyelashes will break down the bond of the lash adhesive while you sleep. After a few nights, the treatment should loosen the extensions enough for them to fall out on their own. Although you can apply the oil with your fingers, using a q tip will help ensure that the oil gets to the eyelash adhesive without going into your eyes. If you do get oil in your eye, immediately wash it out with cold water.  

As with any at-home extension removals, the lashes won’t come off all at once. However, repeating this nightly treatment for a few days will break down the adhesive bond enough for the extensions to eventually fall out on their own without damaging your natural eyelashes.

Once you’ve successfully removed your lash extensions, it’s worth your while to continue using castor oil on your natural lashes if you aren’t already. Doing so can help strengthen your lashes and encourage healthier growth[ii].

Although castor oil is a favoured treatment, several other oils can weaken extension adhesives too. These include:

  • Vegetable oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Canola oil
  • Mineral oil
  • Baby oil

5. Try Steam

a bowl of water

Steam is the perfect way to go for an au naturel approach to extension removal. Many eyelash technicians will tell you to avoid prolonged exposure to high heat or steam when they apply your extensions, which will weaken the lash adhesive. Although this is most effective when the lash glue is still setting, a hot shower or steam treatment can help dissolve the eyelash extension adhesive.  

A steamy shower is a great way to encourage eyelash extensions to fall off, but direct facial steaming will give you the most effective results. Luckily, facial steaming is easy to do at home!

  1. First, remove all traces of makeup and gently wash your face.
  2. Then, fill a bowl with steaming hot water. Lean over the bowl, keeping your face about 12 inches from the water, and cover your head with a large towel.
  3. Sit like this for around 10 to 15 minutes to loosen the eyelash glue.
  4. Finally, pat your face dry with a clean towel[iii].

You may add some herbs or essential oils to the steaming water for added benefits to your skin. Mint, chamomile, lavender, eucalyptus and parsley all soothe and detoxify the skin,

Repeating this treatment should loosen the adhesive enough for the eyelash extensions to fall off naturally. If the lash glue is high quality, it will take a lot of steam to unstick the extensions. Because of this, it may take a few days for steam or hot water to help remove your lash extensions. However, this is the most natural method to completely remove your extensions without damaging your natural lashes.

6. Mask The Extensions

a woman applying makeup to mask eyelash extensions

Although this isn’t exactly a way to remove eyelash extensions, being able to conceal them will help while you wait for a removal method to work. Using eyeliner and lengthening mascara can mask the remaining lash extensions so you can stop worrying about them for a little while.

Applying some black eyeliner to your upper lid will help blend any stubborn extensions right in. Couple this with mascara, which can help weaken lash adhesive if used daily, and any clinging-on extensions will be practically unnoticeable.

If you wear mascara every day for about a week, the waxes and oils in the product should break down any adhesive still holding on to your natural eyelashes and loosen the remaining lash extensions. To further help the process, remove your makeup with an oil-based remover.

7. Take Care of Your Natural Eyelashes

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Once you’ve managed to remove your lash extensions, you should be especially gentle with your natural eyelashes. The delicate hairs will need a bit of T.L.C. to recover from the adhesive glue and the removal methods you’ve used. So, take particular care when applying or removing makeup and avoid vigorous rubbing or adding too much pressure.

Take a look at our eyelash care guide to find out the best ways to nourish, strengthen and care for your natural lashes.  

Professional Eyelash Extension Removal

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While knowing how to remove eyelash extensions at home can be helpful, sometimes it’s better to let a professional do what they are best at. Getting your eyelash extensions removed professionally will preserve the health and integrity of your natural eyelashes and ensure that the process goes off without a hitch.

Although removing eyelash extensions yourself is usually perfectly fine, certain situations will require the assistance of a professional eyelash technician. For example, if a new set of lashes irritates your eyes, or if the lashes begin to grow out in different directions, a professional removal will be best to protect your natural lashes. If possible, try to visit the same lash artist that applied the set, since they will know which products they used.  

Knowing How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home

Unfortunately, there’s just no miracle at-home lash extension remover. Going to an eyelash technician is always best. Still, with a combination of some of our little tricks, you can speed up the removal process without damaging your natural lashes or eyes.

Do you have any tips for how to remove eyelash extensions at home? Let us know!