Top 8 Eco Beauty Trends

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Beauty has endured many changes over the years. However, nothing has been more impactful on the beauty industry than the need to protect the environment. Going green in our beauty routines is quickly becoming a priority in our lives. We are beginning to hold companies accountable for their contribution to our collective responsibility. Consequently, the industry is rushing to keep up. Although the future is unclear, we can guarantee that it will be green.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can look and feel your best without harming the environment around you. Although you may have to evaluate your everyday beauty routine and the products contained within it, the effect you will have on the planet will be worth every minor change. So here are the top 8 eco beauty trends taking off in the beauty world that will help you stay in touch with the changes you can make for an eco-friendly future.

Simple Beauty

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After two years of embracing our natural beauty, low maintenance makeup has quickly become the new normal. Not only is simple green beauty beneficial for our mental health, but it also means fewer chemicals will be going on our bodies and subsequently on the planet. Plus, there will be fewer plastic bottles and containers in harmful landfills.

A minimal skin routine that supports the environment is also just as important and will encourage the health of your skin too. By using less harsh products on your skin, thus applying fewer chemicals and harmful ingredients, naturally, your skin will be much better off.

Au Naturale Hair

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Sustainable beauty trends are not just for the younger generations. Frequently, older people are coming out in support of eco-friendly beauty, and one unique way they’re demonstrating it is by embracing their naturally greying hair. Celebrities like Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep are leading the way with their natural greys, proving that au naturale hair is beautiful at any age.

Not only will embracing your greys reduce the need for salon trips or at-home dye jobs, but it will also help protect aquatic life and support green beauty. Many commercial hair dyes contain chemical ingredients that will make their way into the waterways when you wash them away. Unfortunately, the most common harmful component found in hair dyes is ammonia, and even a low concentration of this gas is incredibly damaging to aquatic life[i]. By choosing to leave the dyes on the shelves, you can make your beauty routine even more sustainable.   

Undiluted Beauty Products

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Waterless beauty is a dream come true. Commonly, cosmetic chemists create beauty formulas with between 60 – 85% water[ii], yet undiluted products contain none. Firstly, this makes them more compact and lighter to transport, meaning the act of transporting them will release fewer carbon emissions. Also, of course, waterless formulas mean that developers are working to conserve the planet’s natural water sources. Furthermore, they also ensure that the product will last longer. Since the active ingredients in undiluted products have a higher concentration, you don’t have to use as much of them every time, allowing for extended use compared to diluted products[iii].

Nevertheless, a formula simply can’t work without water in some cases. In this case, companies have found other options. Some use water taken directly from fruits, such as grapes and lemons, which is surprisingly beneficial for the skin. Others use marine source sources, such as seaweed algae extract. However, it’s best to avoid products that contain hydrosols or flower waters. This is because these ingredients are produced by distilling essential oils, which requires water.

Locally Sourced Beauty

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Locally sourced ingredients are the most sustainable since they decrease the need for unnecessary transportation during the production of products. Plus, many consumers are now calling the practices of beauty companies to the forefront, and traceable sourcing is vital to answer clamouring questions about suppliers, ingredients and company relationships. This means that local labour, packaging and manufacturing operations are becoming increasingly important too.

As well as locally sourced ingredients, products with organic and natural components that protect the environment and the planet are at the top of consumers’ lists. Biodegradable ingredients that won’t harm the food chain or our oceans are often gentler on the skin since they contain natural components and active ingredients. Active ingredients are equally as powerful as they are soft on the skin and ensure the product will last longer.

Plastic Free Packaging

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Surprisingly, there are still many brands that haven’t made the switch to completely plastic-free packaging yet. Naturally, the top beauty brands are leading the way with eco-friendly packaging. For example, Estee Lauder is committing to having 75 – 100% of its packaging utterly plastic-free by 2025[iv]. Furthermore, M.A.C Cosmetics is introducing the Back to M.A.C Programme, allowing customers to bring back M.A.C packaging in exchange for free goods[v]. However, we expect to see many more beauty brands embracing the plastic-free lifestyle this year.

You can expect to see plenty of plastic-free packaging alternatives on your shelves this year, all in the name of eco beauty. Aluminium tubs, cardboard packages, reusable glass bottles, and refillable containers are currently in use, and many more creative ideas are predicted to follow.

Reusable Products

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As well as reusable packaging, many beauty companies are taking their aims a step further with completely reusable products. Single-use, disposable products, such as cotton swabs and pads, do not biodegrade. Instead, they break down slowly over time, releasing microparticles that contaminate our environment. Also, single-use plastics, when breaking down, release microplastics, which can pollute our water and even our food.

To fight non-biodegradable products, you can start looking out for more reusable alternatives this year. Everything from reusable makeup remover pads and swabs to refillable eyebrow pencils and deodorants are going to be produced increasingly more this year, and the lack of waste will reflect well on the planet. Not only will this be a step towards to eco beauty, but it will also help reduce the impact on our planet across several different industries. 

Zero Waste

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Zero waste beauty is a collective aim that many brands are currently striving towards. As its name suggests, zero waste beauty guarantees that the products you buy and the packaging they come in will result in as minimal waste as possible. Any left over packaging will be recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable.

Although it may sound out of reach, many local beauty brands are nailing the zero waste aim, including Flora & Fauna and the aptly named Zero Waste Beauty Australia. As the climate crisis worsens, the amount of waste we produce is becoming a cause for concern. Hence, zero waste is becoming another priority in the future of the eco beauty industry – so watch this space!   

Find out more information about zero waste in all industries at Zero Waste Australia

Less Liquid

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Shampoo bars have been steadily growing in popularity for a while now. And now, their sustainability is helping boost them to the very top. People are consistently choosing bar soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and cleansers over their liquid counterparts because of their sustainably sourced ingredients and recyclable packaging. And, with combination bars emerging on the market, liquid-less options are going to be a lifesaver to your wallet as well as the environment and your skin.

Fortunately, some big names in the beauty business are beginning to make full of their sustainable promises. Giant beauty brands like Estee Lauder and L’Oreal are committing to cruelty-free, sustainable products, and these multi-use quality bars are popping up under bigger names than ever.

The Future of Eco Beauty

Although our beauty products are often a personal matter, with brand loyalty naturally developing over time, making a few simple changes to our beauty routines to save the planet can make a large difference. Try making your beauty choices greener this year to help boost the beauty industry in the right direction.  

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