Immaculate Skin Care Range
If you are looking for a natural skin care range that gets professional results, this is it.
-PH Balances
-Natural antioxidants
-Plant based ingredients
-No animal content
Alcohol and oil free
Sulphate and Paraben Free

Professional Skin Care kit:

1 x Eye Make-Up Remover (500ml)
1 x Dermomilk Daily Cleansing Milk (500ml)
1 x DermoJel Gentle Foaming Cleanser(500ml)
1X Dermoscrub Facial Exfoliation 500ML
1 x Dermofoliant Micro Exfoliaton (500ml)
1 x Recovery Eye Gel (30ml)
1 x Rejuvenating Eye Cream (30ml)
1 x Bioactive Serum (30ml)
1 x Biovitality Day Care Face Creme (500g)
1 x Biodefense Day Care Face Cream (500g)
5 x Dermobalm Cream Fascial Cleanser(125ml)
1 x Hydrating Mask (500g)
1 x Refining Mask (500g)
1 x Toning Lotion (500ml)
1 x Rosewater Hydrating Skin Mist (125ml)
1 x Lavender Energy Skin Mist (125ml)
1 x Cosmetic Body Brush
1 x Natural Look Apron
1 x Depil Hair Tweezers
1 x Natural Look Face Towel
1 x Natural Look Head Band
1 x Exfoliating Gloves