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Challenge: Learn Nails in 30 Days – or we’ll give you $500!

We know we can teach you nails and get you earning an income fast!. We’re so confident that right now, we’ll give you $500 if you can’t do nails in 30 Days or less!.

The only condition is that you must work on your course each day – this means working through the theory, submitting your practical work as required and taking the feedback from our trainers. 

How does it work?

It’s Easy! You just need to sign up and do the course! You can cover all of your theory while you wait for your kit to arrive. Once you get your kit you can start your practical work, and your time starts now!. The course covers Acrylic, Gel and Dip System, you just choose one for this challenge. Do your practical work each day, honing your skills with the feedback of our instructors and we’ll have you doing a set of nails within 30 days. If you do this and still can’t do a set of nails in 30 Days, we’ll give you $500 Cash Back!

How can we do this?

Because our course works! We know that if you do the course – you will learn nails and set yourself up to earn a great income.  Available on our 30 Day Challenge Package below: 

30 Day Challenge Package:

Nail Technology Course
Manicure & Pedicure Course
Nail Technology Kit
Manicure & Pedicure Kit
(Plus the Business Builder Course for the first 10 Students – Normally $895)

Payment Plan: 

Only $175 Deposit, then 46 Weekly Payments of $40.27. 

Sign Up In Full: 

Only $1729 – Use the discount code 30day to get a further 10% Off

*** You must be current and enrolled in the above package (30 Day Challenge) and meet the below terms to take advantage of the $500 cash back offer.  

Cash Back Terms:

To qualify for the Cash Back you must:

  • Work on your course each day. 
  • Choose your preferred system (Acrylic, Gel or Dip System) for the 30 Day Challenge. 
  • Submit all required practical work – at least 5 assessments per week. (You Choose Acrylic, Gel or Dip System)
  • Take on the feedback on your work from our trainers.

To give you time to learn your chosen nail system in the 30 days, the 30 day period starts from when you receive your product kits.

Cash Back Payment: 

  • If you have paid in full, we will pay your $500 back to your original payment method. 
  • If you are on a Direct Debit Payment Plan, we will reduce the payment plan amount by $500. (Reducing the Plan to 33.5 Payments instead of 46)