Shocking Celebrity Beauty Treatments

We know that celebs can be a strange bunch, they’re constantly in the headlines of newspapers and magazines for their wild behaviour, dramas and lavish parties. But have you ever wondered how your most loved celebs keep themselves looking so fresh, young and gorgeous? They haven’t found the fountain of youth or some magic beauty serum that only A-listers know about (even though that would be easier to process than what we’re about to show you). In fact, some of their treatments are just a bit… weird.

As you’d expect, some celebrities go for expensive, Instagram clout-worthy treatments like $7000 gemstone facials (we’re looking at you, Mila Kunis), and the fabled but painful-looking vampire facelift that Kim K made popular a few years back. But others seem to love a bargain as much as the rest of us. We’ve seen toothpaste used as spot cream by Jennifer Love Hewitt (yikes), and Cindy Crawford has bragged about the power of the milk facial. Those are just some of the treatments we’ve stumbled across, and they aren’t even the strangest.

Even though some of these treatments have proven scientific effects, most of them definitely wouldn’t make an appearance on one of our beauty therapy courses.

Get ready to raise your brows and be a little freaked out, we’ve narrowed our list down to 22 of the most shocking beauty treatments that celebrities are going crazy for.

Infographic Showing Shocking Celebrity Beauty Treatments


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