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Karen Harrington started Beauty Courses Online in 2008 and has decades of experience in the beauty industry. Karen has owned multiple beauty salons, aswell as a conventional beauty school. Thousands of students have begun a career in the beauty industry from studying courses provided by Karen.

Shocking Celebrity Beauty Treatments

Shocking Celebrity Beauty Treatments We know that celebs can be a strange bunch, they're constantly in the headlines of newspapers and magazines for their wild behaviour, dramas and lavish parties. But have you ever wondered how your most loved celebs keep themselves looking so fresh, young and gorgeous? They haven't found the fountain of youth [...]

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The Ultimate Nail Care Guide

The Ultimate Nail Care Guide There’s nothing better than gazing down and seeing your freshly buffed nails, polished and looking their best. While the services of a nail tech can certainly help your nails look great, a lovely manicure starts with regular nail care. Keeping your nails healthy and groomed will always make a nail [...]

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Australian Beauty Therapy Careers

Australian Beauty Therapy Careers The Australian beauty services industry is one of legend. In fact, Aussie women spend around 5% of their household income on Beauty & Grooming. That’s an average of over $3,600pa. And, with most of our weather requiring hair-free legs and pedicured toes, it’s no surprise. But, [...]

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